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Overview of environmental issues

First step being aware of the environment around you and your role in it
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Understand how industrial revolution has transformed consumption and production of goods
List various environmental issues
Describe causes of different issues
Comprehend how all the issues are interconnected

Most of you might have heard of environmental issues such as pollution, water scarcity etc. Not of all us are directly affected by it. However, it is crucial to be 'aware' of what is going on in our environment presently. By being aware, we are in a better position to do something about it. It inspires us to lead a responsible and sustainable life. 

This course is a refresher on the environmental issues we face today such as pollution, waste, urbanization, poor sanitation, loss of bio-diversity and resource depletion. There are of course several other issues as well. However, this course covers some of the pertinent ones with the intent of sensitizing the student about what is going on and where we are headed. It is already know to us that all these are issues are created by human activities and we clearly cannot be continuing to live like this. 

So lets get started on our journey to being a environmentally responsible citizen of the planet by first learning about the issues. This course is designed in 5 video modules with highly engaging content. 

At the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of the state of the environment and feel the need to take a step towards creating a better world.

Overview of environmental issues
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