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Environment Management

Nature Deficit Disorder, Timeline of Life, Our Environment, System Concepts, Ecosystem, Natural Capital, BFP, IPAT, GAR
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The course Environment Management- Perspectives & Policies deals with terms, terminologies, principles, concepts and practices in the domain of environment management science. The course comprises lecture sessions and quizzes. The learner will be introduced to Nature Deficit Disorder, Timeline of Life on Earth, The System Concepts, Impact of Population and Economy on Environment, Environment Impact Assessment, Global Environment Framework, Partners in recovery, Weather, Climate , Global Warming, Climate Negotiations and climate strikes . There are a few case studies involving environment legislation in India with a view to reinforce learning experiences. The terminal behavior change is that the learner will be environmentally more knowledgeable and conscious. The learner will be able to apply the knowledge for well-being of community and environment at large.

The Learner is introduced to the terms, concepts, and practices in the broad domain of Environment Management. The terms such as Nature Deficit Disorder, Timeline of Life, Concepts of Environment, the System Concepts, Ecosystem, Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital, Biological Footprint, the Nature Compass, Environment Impact Assessment,  the IPAT model and Global Framework for Environment are discussed in details. Global warming, Climate negotiations and Global Climate strikes are also discussed.  A few quizzes are given with every lecture and a terminal quiz is included to consolidate learning experiences. A few case studies are included with a view to reinforcing the learning experiences.

Environment Management
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