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Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: Be the ULTIMATE Leader

The Techniques and Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs
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Foundations of entrepreneurialism
Learn about Self Leadership
Learn about Innovation
Business building skills
Understanding the Importance of Communication
Learn about Self Introspection
Importance of Perseverance
How to Build a Business Conceptually?
How to think of an Idea?
Importance of thinking an Innovative Idea
The Art of taking Risks
Understanding Customer Profile
Planning Business and Developing Financial Models
How to Build a Business from Scratch?
What is an “Entrepreneurial Vehicle”?
Importance of “Aims”
How to Start Working "On" your Business
How to Create an Operations Manual
Into to Marketing and Communications
What are the Roles in a Business?
What is Marketing?
Differentiation between Enrolment and Selling
Into to Team Building
The Importance of Good Leadership
The Importance of Trust
Importance of Mental Health for Entrepreneurs
How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety?
The Importance of Motivation

All The Tools You Need To Become An Amazing Entrepreneur

Interested in having your own organisation? Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, enable others to launch a new project, or even start a charity, I've got just the thing for you!

Using several years of experience, delivery, and training, your instructor Seven Jacobs is bringing you a course that covers all of the fundamentals of how to be an amazing entrepreneur.

Offering this course at a very low cost, we provide multiple opportunities to provide course feedback. All of your feedback will be utilised to add even more to this course, and you'll have access to ALL of that content.

In this online course, you will learn...

+ What stops people interested in being an entrepreneur from even starting...

+ The TOP skills that you MUST build if you're actually going to be successful.

+ WHERE and HOW to start building the organisation of your dreams.

+ High-level techniques for maximising your amazing abilities and your precious time.

+ The right mindset to have and HOW to best build it.

+ Often overlooked secrets about your customers that guarantees you’ll be saying the right things and keeping them coming back.

+ The must-have processes ANYONE can create to make their business function without them needing to do everything.

+ The specific methods and concepts used to build amazing teams in any context.

+ Some of my special techniques to manage the difficult life of an entrepreneur, so you can focus on the rewards.

+And so much more!

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: Be the ULTIMATE Leader
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