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Entrepreneurship for Noobees

Help bring your dream into reality
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Create and understand a business plan and marketing plan.
Multiple ideas for a business.
Ability to launch their business.
Knowledge of how to handle problems when they come up.

Have you ever wanted to own your own business? But maybe you've seen other people fail. Or maybe you've failed. It's all good. You just need a solid foundation to build your castle on. This course takes you from What is Entrepreneurship through Planning, Testing Your Idea to Launch. We also help you learn to treat your business like a business. And we talk about how to monitor your success.  Finally, we look at areas where things go wrong and help provide strategies to bounce back.

This is a course you will want to watch all the way through while taking notes. Then go back section by section and start to build up your business. Whether you want to start full time right away or slowly build up something, you will learn how to do it successfully.

We also provide a section to find out what kind of entrepreneur you are. It's essential to understand how much time and money you have to invest as well as evaluate your tolerance for risk.

Entrepreneurship for Noobees
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