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Entrepreneurship Essentials

Entrepreneurship Essentials, Key element of entrepreneurship, Skills for Entrepreneurs
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Essentials requirements to be entrepreneurs, Structure of Business and Skills set

As per the dictionary, an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. New entrepreneurs are motivated by the desire for fulfillment. They come into being because of the possibility of making and marketing some new product for the use of customers. If the product is developed to the saleable stage, the entrepreneur is further motivated by reward in terms of profit. This course is for the beginner who wants to know the basic structure of the business and the skill set required for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Here I have explained basic requirements or key elements to run the business. This includes Marketing, sales, operation, accounts, human resources, and research and development. In addition to that, I quick requirement of the skills set as a student entrepreneur is also explained at the end. Most of the students asked me what basic structure should I keep running my business. Or How should I start or steps into a business environment?. I supposed this course is the answer for all those who were keen on starting something new. Most of the businesses/Startup fails or shut down their operation in initial years. this happens because of insufficient understanding and foundation. This course will surely enable them and give them an idea of what basic elements or key positions need to run a business or Industry.

Entrepreneurship Essentials
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