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Entity Relationship Diagrams : Theory & Models For Beginners

Learn how the entity relationship model works and make your own entity relationship diagram !
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You will learn perfectly how an entity relationship diagram works.
You will confidently be able to build an entity relationship diagram.
You will learn how to understand all the notations : Chen, Crow Foot, Min/Max & More
You will understand how the cardinalities work and how entities are related to each other
You will learn about all the key attributes and their functions : Primary Key, Foreign Key, Super Key, Candidate Key, Natural Key & More
You will understand every single type of relationship : One to One, One to Many, Many to One, Many to Many, Zero to One, Zero to Many & More

Hello everyone and welcome to this class !

This course is exactly what you need in order to understand entity relationship diagrams.

So much information is available on the internet and it might be confusing.

Instead of spending too much time looking for it, you can get everything here !

The course has 6 main chapters :

  • Entities and attributes

You will understand the basic descriptions of entities and attributes and it is drawn on an entity relationship diagram.

Here are the subchapters :

  1. Entity

  2. Entity Type

  3. Entity Set

  4. Entity Type Representation

  5. Tables

  6. Attributes

  7. Single Valued Attributes

  8. Multi Valued Attributes

  9. Composite Attributes

  10. Derived Attributes

  11. Weak Entities

  • Relationships and cardinalities part 1

You will understand how relationships between entities work.

Here are the subchapters :

  1. What are relationships for ?

  2. Relationship roles

  3. Participation

  4. Recursive relationships

  5. Binary relationships

  6. Ternary relationships

  7. N-ary relationships

  • Relationships and cardinalities part 2

You will have a better understanding of how entities are related to each other.

Here are the subchapters :

  1. Business rules

  2. Cardinalities

  3. Zero To Zero Relationships

  4. Zero To One Relationships

  5. One To Zero Relationships

  6. Mandatory One To One Relationships

  7. Zero To Many Relationships

  8. One To Many Relationships

  9. Many To Zero Relationships

  10. Many To One Relationships

  11. Many To Many Relationships

  • Notations

You will understand all the notations that are used to make an entity relationship diagram.

Here are the subchapters :

  1. Chen's Notation

  2. Min/Max Notation

  3. Crow's Foot Notation

  4. IDEF1X Notation

  5. UML Notation

  6. Arrow Notation

  • Key Attributes

Key attributes are used the make the difference between two rows on a table.

They are extremely helpful to understand how servers proceed to retrieve the data.

Here are the subchapters :

  1. Primary Key

  2. Composite Primary Key

  3. Surrogate Key

  4. Alternate Key

  5. Candidate Key

  6. Natural Key

  7. Unique Key

  8. Foreign Key

  9. Compound Key

Please note that aside from these lectures, there are also 7 quizzes and 2 assignments.

Thank you and enjoy it !

Entity Relationship Diagrams : Theory & Models For Beginners
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