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Enterprise Information Security Management: Introduction

Module 1 of the Enterprise Information Security Management series courseModule
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Students will learn current security condition of enterprise/organizations today, and basic knowledge of Enterprise Information Security Management.
Will gain understanding on needs and value of enterprise information security management, build a foundation to go further towards an career role even an expert on it.

As first part of a series course on enterprise information security management, this course brings you understanding of the big picture, including background, key terms and definitions, need for information security management, also provides an overview of how to achieve security.

In later modules, we'll bring you to:

  • Identify the problem associated with information security management;
  • Consider (through the use of case studies) the ways in which various organizations solve these problems;
  • Consider Organization and People, as well as Tools and methods of information security.
  • Learn Security Operations, Internal Control, Audit, and Security, as well as other comprehensive planning and management skills.
Enterprise Information Security Management: Introduction
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