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Enterprise GIS Made Easy

Step by step instructions for implementing multi-user, multi-platform GIS for free
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What enterprise GIS is and how it works
How enterprise GIS can benefit your organization
How to set up a PostGIS database on a hosted server for only a few dollars per month
How to access that data from QGIS, ArcGIS, and other clients

Many GIS Professionals start their careers as GIS users with an education in other fields.  They may be very good at cartography and spatial analysis and other GIS specific tasks but lack the IT background needed to understand and implement a multi-user, enterprise GIS.

As a result many smaller organizations struggle as they grow and find themselves needing multi-user access to their data from multiple locations.  They frequently find themselves unable to edit shared data because of file-locks and other issues or put their data at risk by storing it on cloud-drives.  Many of them know that enterprise solutions exist but commercial solutions are very expensive and they don't have time to understand all the open-source tools that are available.

If this rings true to you, please consider taking this course. I explain how an open-source GIS enterprise works, what software you need to get started, how to start an instance of PostGIS on a hosted server for a few dollars per month, how to load your data into that hosted database and set up user accounts to control access, and how to connect to your data from a variety of sources including commercial desktop GIS software.

Enterprise GIS Made Easy
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