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Implement an EA Practice

Understand the steps it takes to implement a successful business driven EA Practice.
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The steps that I have refined over a 30 year career to implement a success EA Practice.
How to engage the full organization and get the buy in and support needed to mature the EA Practice.
How to show the value of EA almost immediately and gain the trust and respect of the senior executive team.

I have challenged the traditional ways of implementing EA which is what I believe has led to my success. 

EA is the process of change, business drives change, business architecture reflects the business and yet the traditional ways of implementing EA take a very IT focused approach.

Learn the framework that I use and understand why my approach to implementing EA has been so successful for me.  This course outlines the steps that I take to implement an Enterprise Architecture Practice and for each step I talk about the goal and critical success factors. 

Implement an EA Practice
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