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Enneagram Type 1 - A Critical Look At The Reformer's Mind!

Learn to recognize Enneagram Type 1 patterns, body language, speaking styles and more!
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Gain a deeper understanding of Enneagram Type 1 behavior
Learn to rapidly identify Enneagram Type 1 based on hidden cues
Discover the best careers and hobbies for Enneagram Type 1
Reveal childhood patterns, buying behaviors, strengths and more!

Want to go deeper with your understanding of Enneagram Type 1? If so, then take this course!

Inside, you will learn all about Enneagram Type 1, the Reformer. Together, we will explore basic fears and desires, body language and speaking styles, and even career interests and buying behaviors.

When you finish this course, you will have a much deeper understanding of Enneagram Type 1. You will be able to rapidly identify people of this type, and can easily differentiate between Type 1w9 and Type 1w2.

The course is taught in a simple, conversational style. I use stories and metaphors to help you learn. There are text and video modules and even helpful exercises to help you grasp the material.

If any of that is what you're looking for in your Enneagram Training, then this is for you. 

Scroll up and start your exploration now!

Your Instructor,
Lex DeVille

Enneagram Type 1 - A Critical Look At The Reformer's Mind!
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