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Enneagram for Self-Liberation: The Path from Ego to Essence

Using ancient consciousness technology to free ourselves from the prison of personality
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How to use the Enneagram in self-inquiry for spiritual growth
History of two ancient lineages of the sacred Enneagram
The basic architecture of our personal ego structure
Overview of the nine types, including the core paradox of each
Ways that transformation unfolds, horizontally and vertically
How to determine your Enneagram type and dive deeper

The Enneagram is a mandala of the human experience that combines ancient consciousness technology and modern psychology. It maps out nine archetypal ways that humans lose contact with Source, or Essence. These form the basis for our ego patterns and act as signposts pointing to our essential gifts. This introductory course on the Enneagram goes beyond describing a psychological typing system, and explores how it can be used in self-inquiry to liberate us from the fixations of identity.

Many spiritual paths focus on expanding our awareness into other dimensions, accessing unity consciousness, or reaching transcendental states of hypergnosis (non-ordinary seeing or knowing beyond what we typically experience in everyday life). The Enneagram teaches us how to live with this knowing of Oneness or Nothingness once we resume travel in the human dimension. It helps us notice and navigate the core fears and core desires that fuel our ego. It helps us free ourselves from patterns so we can more consciously choose our path and more fully inhabit our body-bound journey.

In this course you will learn about the origins of the sacred Enneagram, discover how it supports our spiritual evolution, and receive an introduction to the basic elements of the system: the centers, the nine types, core fears, core desires, essence qualities, and movements of growth and evolution. In the descriptions of the nine types, you may start to recognize yourself and establish a foundation for how you can use this tool to experience more freedom in life.

Enneagram for Self-Liberation: The Path from Ego to Essence
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