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Enabling Enlightenment at Home

Awakening Your Self.
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If you are really determined in getting Enlightened , this course has the power. I am teaching you a very rare and advanced technique that is simple to practice. You are extremely lucky to get this at such convenience.

While you are reading this course description, do not just read, Watch the Reader that is reading ! This course enables your Enlightenment and  is not meant to be heard or read as ordinarily the way you would.

Every sentence has been designed to take you beyond the mind and into the Ultimate Eternal State.

I would like to bring a revolution within your being as it is the only way to go beyond the reasoning of the logical mind. To put these words in perspective ,the closest feeling you can relate to in this regard is falling in love ,all logic  in love is useless, the feeling of being in love is Priceless. The state that i want you to experience is Eternal Love and Bliss.

Your Awareness is You.

The only correction that is required is that currently you identify yourself with your  body, mind and heart , Once you are able to identify yourself with your consciousness you have been awakened. A new identity is born.

Have you ever thought why blood is red in color ? The highest level of wakefulness is enabled through red. Nature is gifting you wakefulness at every moment with so many variations, learn to watch the Watcher.

My sole objective is to enable realization , it is the only solution to all problems eternally. You can only realize its value once you experience what i am talking about. Your Investment is just to pay a little more attention each time.

Life must not be experienced through books and other’s experiences, it deserves to be experienced by your very own nature. Only then life begins to evolve and attain.

If would would like to discover your own multi dimensional perception, read the same para every day and you will observe that the same sentence could have 100 different meanings depending and you can relate to each one of them depending upon your mental state.

Do not waste your time with 100 types of meditations, courses and heavy books that are proven to be useless. Life is simple , attainment is also simple , Keep it simple and awakening is your very nature.

I welcome you to this course and in attaining your very own nature.

Being blissful and in a state of eternal love is your nature.

Enabling Enlightenment at Home
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