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Enlightened Communication

Create trusting relationships with your teams and build a resilient culture of care, respect, value and safety
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How enlightened listening can give you a competitive advantage as a leader and enable you to build greater collaboration, support and trust across your organization.
How your written and spoken words can be one of the most powerful ways to transform workplace culture.
What it means to establish a web of connections including your immediate team, outside stakeholders, and even those you have conflict with.
Why communication in times of crisis is an “essential service” and steps to take to hold your team together during times of crisis.

Enlightened Communication helps you as a leader to create more trusting and authentic relationships with your people—which will help you build a stronger overall organization. This leadership development program will help you strengthen your connections by enhancing your communication in ways that eliminate misunderstandings and barriers between people.

You, as an individual, a manager, a leader, can impact your workplace, even if you think your broader organization is not ready to be an enlightened workplace. You can implement the ideas in this course on a team level, and it can spread across your organization in a grass roots manner.

Lessons include:

  • Enlightened Listening

  • Enlightened Messaging

  • Enlightened Connections

  • Leadership and Communication in Times of Crisis

  • Bonus less on the 7 Elements of an Enlightened Workplace

The Enlightened Workplace Project Course

Enlightened Communication is part of The Enlightened Workplace Project course, which takes a modern, insightful look at what truly drives and sustains employee engagement and high-performing teams that result in business success.

Leaders and managers who embrace these concepts and embed them into the fabric of their team and company culture, will find that they lead to higher levels of productivity, balance, resilience, fulfillment and ultimately business success.

Modules in the Series

The modules are offered separately or may be taken together in the full course offering called The Enlightened Workplace Project.

  • Bringing the Whole Self to Work

  • The Enlightened Manager

  • Enlightened Productivity

  • Enlightened Communication

  • Enlightened Collaboration

  • Enlightened Conflict

Enlightened Communication
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