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Enlightened Collaboration

Sharpen your team’s toolkit around influence, negotiation and recognition while increasing trust and satisfaction.
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How recognition is one of the best tools leaders have to create an environment that helps people reach their highest potential.
Why joy and fun lead to improved quality and higher-performing organizations.
Negotiation – Creating win-win-win scenarios because nobody wins when anybody loses.
Influence – the importance of persuading others to follow your lead whether they report to you or not.

Enlightened Collaboration can accelerate your progress toward achieving team and organizational goals—because none of us is as smart as all of us. Innovation depends on teamwork and teamwork depends on collaboration.

Learn how to incorporate the elements of enlightened collaboration in ways that increase the success of your business while ensuring the satisfaction, trust and fulfillment of your employees.

You, as an individual, a manager, a leader, can impact your workplace, even if you think your broader organization is not ready to be an enlightened workplace. You can implement the ideas in this course on a team level, and it can spread across your organization in a grass roots manner.

Lessons include:

  • Enlightened Influence

  • Enlightened Negotiation

  • Enlightened Recognition

  • Enlightened Joy and Fun

  • Bonus lesson: 7 Elements of an Enlightened Workplace

The Enlightened Workplace Project Course

Enlightened Collaboration is part of The Enlightened Workplace Project course, which takes a modern, insightful look at what truly drives and sustains employee engagement and high-performing teams that result in business success.

Leaders and managers who embrace these concepts and embed them into the fabric of their team and company culture, will find that they lead to higher levels of productivity, balance, resilience, fulfillment and ultimately business success.

Modules in the Series

The modules are offered separately or may be taken together in the full course offering called The Enlightened Workplace Project.

  • Bringing the Whole Self to Work

  • The Enlightened Manager

  • Enlightened Productivity

  • Enlightened Communication

  • Enlightened Collaboration

  • Enlightened Conflict

Enlightened Collaboration
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