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Enjoy Every Bite

A Mindful Approach to Food and Weight Loss
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What a conscious approach to eating is and how it helps you enjoy your food more and eat less.
How to eat with awareness.
Why eating with awareness allows you to make peace with food.
How mindful eating aligns with your individual health goals.
Proof that mindful eating works.
Specific exercises to incorporate mindful eating into everyday life.

Do you struggle with food? Are you an off-and-on dieter? Are you sometimes frustrated by the way you eat? Maybe, another diet plan will make the difference. It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

In Enjoy Every Bite you will learn the strategies and mindset I used to find peace with food.

Here's what you'll learn:

What mindfulness is and is not. Specifically, I'll share how eating with awareness helps you eat less and enjoy it more beginning with your next meal.

Why a conscious approach to eating (not dieting!) helps you to understand what, how much and when to eat.

How to eat mindfully. You'll even get to practice with chocolate!

The science behind mindful eating, weight loss and nutrition. Yes, there is proof it works :)

The key rituals to guide you in your conscious approach to food and eating. Or, why my grandma was a mindful eating guru.

The course includes practices to help you be more conscious of how, what and why you eat. There are also resources like the Seven-Day Mindful Eating Guide, a mindful eating assessment and a compilation of mindfulness references to support you.

So, if you struggle with overeating, off-and-on dieting, or the misinformed way in which our culture deals with nourishing ourselves, this course is for you.

Enjoy Every Bite
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