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Enhancing Your Training and Facilitation Skills

Tools, Concepts, and Knowledge for Mastering Training and Facilitation Skills
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Understand tthe concept of Training and Development
Understand your role as a Facilitator/Trainer
Conducting Needs Assessment
Understands learning content design and delivery
You will learn communication and learning style
Understand and Learn Facilitation skills
Understand Training feedback and evaluation process
Developing Online Content Delivery Skills
Inspiring your audience

Inspiring your learners is an art and science which requires skills, knowledge, and a unique approach. Remember what really matters are how the training content is delivered to change the attitude of the learners and give them transformational experience. While working with founders, managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, and teachers, I realized that their interaction with their team is not inspiring and effective, and they lack in understanding the needs or gaps of employees at work and are not effective in developing their capacity to make them productive.

This course has been designed for graduates, managers, and HR professionals, entrepreneurs and senior professionals who are interested in developing skills of training and facilitation. These skills are very essential to make a strong team and to lead an organization to the height of success with the help of this team. This course will help you learn and understand the very essential details that are needed for the training of a team working for an organization. In this course, you will learn the most vital concepts and gain knowledge that will help you learn to design a framework for training your team. The skills that you learn through this course will enable you to become a great leader in your workplace. Keeping the fact in view that the success of an organization lies in how the leaders of a particular organization train their teams to guarantee their efficiency at work to achieve maximum productivity.

Enhancing Your Training and Facilitation Skills Course is not only for the trainers, HR professionals, Managers, teachers, and entrepreneurs but is also for founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are leading a team and want to learn and enhance their training and facilitation skills. This course will help you learn how you can develop skills to be the best and be a very effective and inspiring trainer, team leaders, manager, or founder that will in turn help your organization or client grow and increase its employee's productivity.

Enhancing Your Training and Facilitation Skills
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