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大学生职业素养提升 | Enhancing Your Career Competencies

Learn the essential skills and competencies needed to successfully perform a job, including time management, effective communication and self efficacy. 课程精选八项职业素养:创新能力、自我效能、情绪管理、时间管理、有效沟通、自信演讲、求职礼仪和简历撰写,有助于求职就业和综合职业素养培养。
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How can we fulfill our potential when we are ambitious and ready? How do we adjust ourselves and conquer difficulties when faced with adversities? How do we be more methodical and organize our lives well? How do we avoid unnecessary problems and apply effective efforts when we begin our career? This course focuses on eight career competencies – creativity, self-efficacy, emotion management, time management, effective communication, confident speech, job application etiquette and resume composition – that are essential for career development. Through systematic studies, students are encouraged to transfer from a “campus person” to a “career person” and will learn how to accommodate to career life in advance, so as to confront challenges skillfully. 职业素养决定着我们的职业发展前景,也影响着我们的校园生活乃至人生道路。踌躇满志,如何发挥自身潜能?遭遇逆境,如何自我调节、走出低谷?规划生活,怎样做到井井有条?初入职场,怎样才能少走弯路、事半功倍?大学生职业素养提升课程精选对学生在校学习、毕业求职和职业发展有重要影响的八项职业素养:创新能力、自我效能、情绪管理、时间管理、有效沟通、自信演讲、求职礼仪和简历撰写。通过系统的学习,促进学生从“校园人”向“职业人”的转变,先人一步适应职场生活,从容应对职场挑战。
大学生职业素养提升 | Enhancing Your Career Competencies
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