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ProTap™ - Enhance your life with EFT

Gain the Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping tools to live your best life from Beginner to Professional!
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Understand the history of EFT and learn about the founder of EFT.
Understand the differences between EFT & TFT.
Know what EFT Tapping is and how to use it on and for yourself.
How to use EFT Tapping as an Energy Psychology technique.
How to use EFT Tapping to clear blocks in your meridians as an Energy Healing technique.
Learn the two-part system of effective Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Learn how to create effective setup statements.
Learn how to set your tapping focus and statement wording to increase effectiveness and healing.
Learn why we use these tapping points from an energy perspective.
Learn why we use these tapping points from a biological, neurological & scientific perspective.
Know the setup tapping point.
Tapping Point Demonstration Video and Guided Meditation to experience the sensations of each tapping point.
Tapping Setup Phase Demonstration Video.
Tapping Sequence Demonstration Video.
Learn the top-to-bottom tapping sequence as created by the Founder of EFT.
Learn about the benefits of grounding and how you can apply this in your EFT practice.
Learn about the benefits of eye movements in your EFT practice and how to apply it.
Know the extra Acupoints and what their benefits are including Below Nipple Point, Wrist Point, Sore Spot and Finger Points.
Learn through demonstration video’s these highly effectively and rare techniques specifically used to speed up healing and break barriers if you struggle to get an issue to a zero measurement including Collarbone Breathing Technique, 9 Gamut Procedure & Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll.
Learn 7 Advanced EFT Tapping techniques and procedures with printable tapping templates.
Receive printable templates to use as a reminder on finding the tapping points.
Receive Course Glossary of important and frequently used terms.
Receive Course Manual E-book printable for ease of reference.
Receive focussed printable tapping resources including tapping templates, experiential assignment hand-outs, research articles and reviews.
Receive weekly blog posts containing EFT Tapping Script Examples on many different subjects to add to your EFT Practice as well as reminding you of the varied application of EFT.
Receive monthly Free Short Guided Meditations.
Know and understand how to measure EFT session progress.
Learn the basic EFT meridian trigger points needed to create positive results.


Over 1,800 satisfied students enrolled in my EFT courses from over 98 countries.

Over 60 reviews.

4,12 STAR Instructor Rating out of 5.


Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT Tapping is an Energy Psychology healing modality that is easy to learn, safe to apply and extremely effective and versatile. EFT has been extensively researched over the past 20 years with amazing outcomes. In include some research reports as downloads in the resource tabs of this course. EFT Tapping has been helping and empowering thousands of people to get relief from issues (a full list of the magnitude of EFT application would be too extensive to list here so I will add a few to give you an idea) such as:

· Physical: Pain, illness, weight loss, colic, cramps, headaches

· Emotional & Mental: Stress, anxiety, anger, rage, frustration, sadness, depression, ADHD, PTSD, jealousy, hate, dislike, fear

· Performance: Procrastination, performance blocks, motivation, inspiration, feeling stuck, performance anxiety, fear of failure, stage freight, confidence, articulation

· Spiritual: Spiritual healing, connection with the divine, Law of Attraction, receiving mode, manifestation, meditation, increase psychic abilities, balance chakras, improve intuition, grounding, becoming more centred, finding peace within yourself and around you, past life experiences, future life experiences, remove psychic blocks.

· And so much more


As a highly trained and experienced EFT practitioner, coach and instructor, I share my knowledge and experience with you in an easy to follow, immersive, experiential and subject focussed format. With international experience applying and teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques in charity organisations, private practice and teaching platforms such as Udemy, you know you have found the best course to start your EFT tapping journey right here. Learn the EFT Tapping Techniques to carry with you and use for the rest of your life.



You will receive feedback on your assignments and I will provide guidance where you need it to help you with your learning and your EFT Tapping Application.



Receive weekly blog posts on the subject of self-help & Emotional Freedom Techniques. I provide tapping script examples for you to use and adapt to your needs on various different subjects. These tapping scripts help find ideas and ways of applying EFT Tapping in your everyday life.



Receive monthly Short Guided Meditations to help you in various different subjects. Each meditation has a specific focus and helps with many different areas of your life including:

· Relaxation

· Stress Management

· Resolving Emotions

· Removing Blocks

· Planting Seeds Of Creating Something New

· Letting Go Of Difficult Feelings

· Connecting with Source

· Connecting with your Inner Self

· Energetic Healing

· Mindfulness

· But also and as a pet owner and lover, more importantly it can help your pets with emotional and physical healing effectively and easily.



We admire and support you through your EFT Tapping Learning journey. Therefore, when you have completed FurTap and have finished the experiential assignments, left a course rating and feedback, you qualify for a massive 60% discount to use on any of my other Advanced EFT courses namely FurTap & KiddyTap.



Connect with fellow EFT Tapping students in our dedicated Facebook student engagement closed group dedicated to help students compare notes and assist each other with learning.

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ProTap™ - Enhance your life with EFT
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