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Improve your Medical English using Problem Based Learning

Use the PBL method to learn the English that you will need to study or work in a medical setting.
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You will use what you know to learn more
You will read, write and speak English better
You will be more confident during English conversations
You will be more successful in your chosen career

Hello everyone! Welcome to your English course.

This class has been designed by a medical doctor!  The goal is to to help you improve your English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. 

Although this curriculum was created for people who study or work in medical settings, it is broad enough that everyone who takes it will improve his or her English.

You will learn English faster than in a traditional course because of the problem-based-learning method. This simply means that you learn from real-life situations. The great thing about the PBL method is that you can learn basic, intermediate, advanced and specialized English during the same course.

This is a creative, non-traditional way of teaching. Instead of simply giving you information to memorize, I will guide you through problems using written documents, listening exercises, conversations and questions.

It will be a lot of fun and you will notice an improvement after the first lesson.

Please note that two (optional) 45 minute Skype lessons are included free with this course.  All lessons are taught by a native English-speaking experienced physician!!!  

Improve your Medical English using Problem Based Learning
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