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Perfect English - Beginners Level l

Master English through Speaking, Listening and Grammar Practice! Feel confident!
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Speak more confidently in English
Have a deeper understanding of English Grammar.
Be able to use a wide variety of Vocabulary.
A focus on English Pronunciation from a Native English Speaker.
Produce correctly formed sentences.
Be able to hold fluid conversations in English.


The Everyday English for the Beginners Series is a thorough and complete series that will get you speaking English more comfortably and confidently! The course is taught by myself, Sarah a Native Canadian English Teacher. With a variety of methods you will be practicing your grammar, reading, speaking, listening and pronunciation. I will take you through an organised and elaborate plan that will help you retain information through repetition and speaking. My courses are aimed at serious learners who want to not only grow but to also understand.

This course includes:

  • Theory of Grammar topics.

  • Listening and Speaking Exercises for each Grammar structure

  • A Quiz for each unit to check progress.

Each unit focuses on one Grammar topic where we further study the theory and the sentence structure to master our understanding. We then further explore the Grammar topic through Speaking Practice and then Listening Practice. This course is designed in a way that I used when learning my second language. Repetition and consistency is key in learning and language.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to improve your English.

  • You want to deeply understand the Language.

  • You want to be able to have fluid, natural conversations.

  • You want to be able to understand Native English Speakers.

  • You are willing to work hard and review often!

  • You want to grow as a person!

Perfect English  - Beginners Level l
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