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English Grammar

300 Practice Questions to Improve your English
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Produce the Sentences Confidently and accurately
Have a deeper knowledge of English Grammar
Understanding and Systemizing your Grammar
Know when and how to use the Tenses in the English Grammar
Speak English more confidently

Testing your wings is important before flying, likewise, testing your knowledge is also important as learning new skills.

The concept and understanding of English Grammar is very important in establishing effective communication. This course is for those individuals who want to review or improve their skills for proper communication.  You have already gone from series of courses online and offline both. You have read and learn from different books written on English but what you just missed is series of practice test to convert your learning into one skill. Yes, learning language is a skill and it's important both in schools and in building career. When you go through this series of 5 practice test which contains 300 questions you were going to explore your knowledge. You will be able to identify your mistakes and you know where to improve, so you will focus more on those topics to avoid same silly mistakes in future and quick soon you will find yourself growing more and better way just because you have improve your one skill its gives you the better way to communicate.

This course will provide you 6 practice test and if you take even a one practice test a week, then in just 6 weeks you will rectify your mistakes and work on it to become expert in language.

This course contain question on the major topics of English Grammar such as :

1) Tenses                             6) Modals                                       

2) Verbs                               7) Adverbs

3) Nouns                             8) Adjectives

4) Pronouns                        9) Relative Pronouns

5) Articles                            10) Conditionals

# This course will help you prepare for various English Examinations.

#This course is useful even if you only want to refresh your Grammar in an amazing quick way.

This course is basically for the learners of English Language who want to control and rectify mistakes of their spoken or written English Grammar and anyone who want to improve and upgrade their skills and want to master English Grammar can take this course.

English Grammar
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