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Speak English Better with Natives and Abroad Now! ESL Course

How to Solve Communication Problems in Real Time: Natives that Speak Fast, Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Numbers
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Understand native English speakers who speak fast.
Express yourself when you forget (or don't know) vocabulary.
Learn idioms and phrasal verbs in real time.
Say and understand numbers easily.
Spell Names, Emails, and order numbers correctly the first time.
Use slang for greetings. BONUS #1
Know what to say in stores while shopping. BONUS #2

When my ESL / EFL English students travel abroad, one of the first things they tell me is, “natives speak really fast.” I developed this course to help them and you solve this problem in real time, as well as 4 other difficult and frequent situations my ESL / EFL students have when speaking English to natives and abroad. If you are an intermediate English speaker (or higher), these 5 Solutions will help you speak better English now, by teaching you how to solve communication problems in real time so that you are successful in your conversations with natives and abroad, or other day to day interactions by telephone and video conferences.

Solution 1 helps you to understand natives that speak fast.

Solution 2 teaches how to express yourself when you forget or don't know vocabulary. (This always happens speaking a 2nd or 3rd language.)

Natives use phrasal verbs and idioms all the time. You can memorize hundreds, even thousands, of phrasal verbs and idioms, or use Solution 3 to learn them in real time.

Solution 4 is the answer to most people's problems with numbers.

And I’ve included Solution 5 to make sure you get your hotel reservations, emails, and order numbers done correctly the first time.

These 5 Solutions have helped my ESL / EFL English students many many times. (And they have saved me tons of times too in my second and third languages - Spanish and Portuguese.) That’s why I developed this dynamic course.

Plus, there are 2 extra lessons so you can sound like a native when you meet new people and go shopping.

Click the “take this course” button now and use these 5 Solutions to improve your fluency with natives and abroad!

Speak English Better with Natives and Abroad Now! ESL Course
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