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Professional English writing skills: part1

Your guide to the first four writing skills
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Simple Sentences
Using Articles

Hello my dear friends,

As we are all trying to be better in our life and career every single day, we need to improve our abilities and skills that can help us reach our goals. So if you want to help your English study or your career, you must learn the skills you need for that.

As a beginning you need to learn the English writing. This is a series of courses that will help you be a professional English writer if you were a:

- Student (Who needs to write essays)

- Author (Who needs to write articles or books)

- Employee (Who needs to write professional emails and letters)

- Influencer (Who writes social media posts)

- Blogger (Who has a blog an\; wants to grow it as a profession)

- Writer/editor

I will explain every skill in details so you can become very good at it. Not just that. I will attach some practice sheets to each skill so you can them and be sure that you got it.

So if you want to change your whole life and career, join now and start learning those skills and by the end of this series you will receive a certificate that you are a professional writer.

Wish the best luck my friends

Professional English writing skills: part1
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