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English Writing Skills

Improve your English Writing by building the skills you need for business, academic, or personal use
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Write effectively in English
Construct a complete and correct English sentence
Use English grammar correctly in writing
Use English punctuation properly
Build your vocabulary and choose the best words when writing
Save time when planning your writing

Writing in English is difficult, especially if you are still learning the language. Yet, we now write more than ever, whether at work, school, or in life. This course will help you improve your writing by giving you video lessons, downloadable resources, quizzes, and assignments.

This English writing course will help you improve in all the forms of writing. Do you use English at work? You can improve your emails, reports, and written communication. Are you using English at school? Better writing can help with essays and other assignments. You can improve in any type of English writing with this course.

Each section reviews language and writing rules, including grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and structure. You will also see strategies and tips to write more clearly. You can practice all these rules and strategies with the exercises and assignments.

Students in this course are now better writers, and you can be too! Here are reviews from happy students:

  • "The course is quite helpful for me. It is well-organized and easy to follow."

  • "This course is a well-detailed and an overall good course."

  • "That was an excellent course, very helpful for me to utilize in writing."

I invite you to watch the preview videos so you can get an idea of how this course can help you. I believe the 25+ video lessons cover all the key skills you need to improve your writing. When you combine them with the hundreds of quiz questions and the practice exercises, you have everything you need to become a great writer.

With Udemy's money-back guarantee, you have have nothing to lose. But you have everything to gain. This is your chance to take your writing to the next level.

English Writing Skills
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