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English Writing and Composition Course - Academic Writing

An Introductory Class in English Composition & Academic Writing
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Write stunning, interesting and astonishing compositions
Write formal and business pieces professionally
Write compositions that are absolutely mistake-free
Develop critical thinking and research skills
Develop proofreading and checking skills
Evaluate your writings or someone else's
Pursue the writing career

Are you a new graduate? You might be thinking how you’ll get pass through your college application? You want to get admitted, right? Who doesn’t.

Or perhaps you’re already a college student, yet your professors always give you low marks on your essays. Is that the case? Do you want to write an essay that will make you professors’ jaw dropped down to the ground? Well, who doesn’t.

Maybe you’re searching for a job, but you find it difficult to write your cover letter, is that the case?

Do have any kind of business? Perhaps you have many colleagues you work with? You have to use emails and memos, but you don’t know how to get it right.

Or maybe you want to start a publishing business, yet you don’t want to spend too much on writers who will write your books.

Well, my friend, stand out of the crowd. How you’re asking? It’s simple: enroll to this course in order to unlock your writing hidden abilities, and get your work done in a very concise, coherent and stylish way.

Enrolling to this course will not only teach you how to write well, but also it will provide you with hints, tips and some secrets you may never learn at school or college. Moreover to that, you’ll get access to some cool and useful resources, too. So, what’re you waiting for; enroll now and unlock all of these perks.

Are you getting bad grades on your English writing assignments? Do you want to improve your English writing skills? Do you want to write essays that will get an A+?

During our college life, writing in English is quite important. Throughout this course, we'll explore the basics and fundamentals of English writing. From the mere sentence structure to the complex essay writing. Join this course to learn all of these incredible writing skills and get your excellent grade that you deserve.

Perhaps you're a blogger. If so, then you will learn the writing skills that will get you more and more readers. Or maybe, you want to start a small publishing business. Well, you'll get the knowledge you need to expand your writing skills and take them to the next level.

After this course, you will be able to write in English very well, in addition to that, you'll be able to proofread and evaluate your writing for readability and credibility.

Most importantly, you'll gain access to some incredibly important resources that will help you immensely refining your English writing skills.

Course Overview

Language and the ability to communicate effectively are critical skills in the global economy and in our daily social exchanges, but they are also essential to gaining a deeper understanding of who we are. This introductory writing course will help you develop and express ideas effectively for a variety of personal and professional purposes, audiences, and occasions. 

Recommended Prior Knowledge

This course is not intended to teach English; instead, it is designed to introduce students to rhetorical and compositional concepts, skills, and practices. Basic proficiency in English is a necessary prerequisite for successful completion of this course.   

Of course, this course will only be the beginning of your long journey in the writing career either as professionals or as students. You will have to keep honing your writing skills because the quest for perfection is never-ending - Yassine El Rhaffouli.

English Writing and Composition Course - Academic Writing
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