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10 Ways To Write A More Developed and Catchy Sentence.

Improve your TOEFL score and elevate your Grammar and Writing skills.
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Students will write better sentences with a more complex grammatical and syntactic structure.
Students will recognize and implement Infinitive, Gerund, Absolute, Appositive phrases in their writing.
Students will use Parallel Structures in their sentences.
Students will distinguish types of Dependent Clauses.
Students will be able to use a variety of sentences to express their ideas (Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound - Complex).
Students will gain confidence in recognizing sentence problems and fix them (Fragment, Comma Splice, Run-On).
Students will get to know Modeling Technique using Mentor Sentences.

Hello! ** Hola! **  你好!  ** Здравствуйте! ** Merhaba! ** Ciao!    

10 Ways To Write A More Developed and Catchy Sentence is an academic English course developed by me, Yanina.

Are you stuck with basic sentences that sound boring? Are you trying to up your game in English Academic Writing? 

I understand what you are going through. Some time ago I was an English language learner myself. I have created a course based on the strategies I use myself and the ones I teach to my students at one of the American colleges where I work. 

 In this course, you will learn about 10 different ways to improve your sentence, extend your ideas, and make your sentence structure more grammatically and syntactically complex. 

You will become confident using some important grammatical structures in your writing, discover how to model great sentences, and get to know most commonly used idioms in English. 

If you want your sentences to be a) syntactically richer, b) more grammatically developed , c) sound more native for your audience, this course is for you.    

Don't be intimidated by writing in English! My easy to follow structure of lecturing will give confidence you need in academic writing.   

This course includes:    

  • lectures for important concepts   

  • clear explanation of important grammar concepts with examples   

  • quizzes

  • 2 practice tests

  • a downloadable Ebook reference 

  • downloadable PDFs

  • professional guidance from me as a teacher and a learner of the English Language    

  • future updates - this course will continue to grow and develop

Lectures 2 - 5 focus on 4 types of phrases in English (Infinitive, Gerund, Absolute, Appositive) with detailed explanation, examples, and quizzes so that you can master each concept and be able to replicate the use of phrases in your writing.

Lecture 6 talks about Parallel Structures. 

​Lectures 9-11 explore structural parts of sentences and sentence problems. 

​Lecture 12 introduces a great technique called "sentence modeling" using mentor sentences. 

​Lecture 13 talks about idioms in a context. 

Remember, you have a life-long access to all the resources and a 30-day money-back-guarantee policy. 

If you want to write with richer, more complex sentences, and build your confidence in English academic writing, this course can help you achieve your goal of bringing your English to the next level.   

This course is also perfect for anyone taking a college level writing course for English language learners.   

10 Ways To Write A More Developed and Catchy Sentence.
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