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English With Kids - Teaching ESL to Young Children Naturally

Fun and easy activities the Montessori way to develop full language potential in early formative years
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Develop child’s true potential in languages in early formative years.
Support fluency in English in the daily situations.

Supporting English as a second language - natural and fun learning with respect to the child’s interests.


This brand new course is for:  

  • Parents who would like to teach their kids English or support their children to become confident and fluent in English and perhaps practice their conversational skills on the way

  • Educators teaching  English as a Second Language, who would like activity ideas and lesson plans to introduce English in daily fun activities and routines to ensure fluency and confident using of the language.

English With Kids Course will show you how to establish playful English moments that can help little children (esp. 2-6 yrs) learn so easily as they did with their native language.  We respect their interests and encourage overall development. With our handy printouts summarising all ideas you can be an active and effective guide in this wonderful process.   

From my own experience, I found ESL teaching methods at schools to be very passive. I learned English fluently later during my studies in the U.S. But for children, little English moments can take them on life-changing adventures while staying at home!     

As a mother of three daughters, I was fascinated by the process of passing on the gift of the native language. I have been successfully employing the practical techniques that you are about to learn when sharing English as a second language with my children and they became bilingual.     

 In our learning materials, you will find the most effective parent like approach based on the child-centered  Montessori Method. 

For the last 11 years, I encourage other parents and teachers on my blog, in the seminars and weekly courses.  

Our approach helps children understand and speak with such an ease that makes me stop and wonder every time they surprise me with their progress. It makes children comfortable enough to really use English to communicate and with no effort.  

We want to make it super easy for you. See the ACTION WITH CHILDREN and have the summary with helpful pictures and phrases at hand.  

I am excited to invite you in!  

Check out the FREE preview videos!  

Join us and have fun :-)


English With Kids - Teaching ESL to Young Children Naturally
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