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Conquer English Verb Tenses And Speak Better English Now ESL

Implement ALL English Verb Tenses into your English fluency: interactive writing & spontaneous conversation exercises
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Master all 12 English verb tenses faster and easier than most students do by learning them one at a time.
Improve your fluency, naturally, with spontaneous conversation exercises (fluency sections), which put the grammar concepts learned in the previous section into practice.
Write emails using grammatically correct verb tenses (lots of interactive writing exercises: sentences, paragraphs, and short stories).
A true and deep understanding of all the English verb tenses.
Learn the 5 forms that every verb has: present and past participle, etc.
Learn the 3 kinds of English verbs: dynamic, stative, and mixed verbs
Learn to be self-taught in English - the fastest, cheapest, and funnest way to become fluent.

The main goal of this English course is to improve your English fluency by mastering all 12 verb tenses faster and easier than most students do by learning them one at a time, and most importantly to implement them into your fluency by yourself, naturally, with lots of interactive writing and spontaneous speaking exercises.

Is it possible to improve your fluency by yourself?

Yes, the fluency sections in this course help you do just that. These are interactive spontaneous speaking exercises based on short stories using only the verb tenses that were explained in the previous section.

First you read, listen to, and watch a video of a funny short story.

Second you speak and answer questions about the short story, spontaneously, using complete sentences.

Third, it’s your turn to write a short story using the verb tenses explained in the previous section.

These fluency sections work very well. Many of my students have had great results in their fluency using this system.

Do you need a college degree to understand the course content?

No. This course is very easy to follow.

A “simple is sophisticated” teaching style is used, which means it’s very user friendly.

This English verb tense course goes step-by-step and has lots of hands-on exercises so you can immediately put into practice what you’ve just learned.

Do you have to do all of the exercises?

No. The exercises are optional.

They are made specifically to reinforce to most important parts of the previous video, give you a chance to practice what you’ve just learned, and help you memorize.

If you have any questions during the course…

Just post your question(s) in the Q&A section. I always answer questions as soon as possible.

And Remember…

You have a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Start this course and improve your English fluency today!

Conquer English Verb Tenses And Speak Better English Now ESL
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