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English Master: First Certificate Writing /FCE, B2 level/

Learn how to write emails, essays, reviews, articles and reports. Pass the FCE Writing section with flying colors
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Write an essay;
Write an informal letter;
Write a formal letter - a letter of application and a letter of complaint;
Write a report;
Write a review;
Write an article;
Pass the Writing paper of the FCE exam with an A

The First Certificate Writing /FCE, B2 level/ course is developed with the learner in mind. We will start with an overview of the exam paper, passing through each of the possible types of writings you may have to write at the exam. Till the end, you will be quite more confident when it comes to creating your own essays, articles, reviews, letters and reports. Quite a lot of students get stressed when it comes to the First Certificate Writing /FCE, B2 level/ - either because they do not feel confident in writing in general, or because they are not aware of the exact exam format. That is why the First Certificate Writing /FCE, B2 level/ course is here - to show you the correct approach towards each piece of writing, to help you develop your own way of figuring out which exam format you are best at. And last not but least - to show you that you can do it! All of the exams types will be shown and explained in details one after another. Something more - at the end of each section there is an exercises included - you will be given extra 5 sample topics with discussion and suggestions how to structure your writing. There is also a reference to some useful sites that you may use for your self-preparation. 

English Master: First Certificate Writing /FCE, B2 level/
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