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English Language

Learn how to read and write properly.
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Fundamental principles of the English language

This course is intended for students of all ages, aimed at advancing the understanding and knowledge of the basic structures of the English language:

* Parts of Speech

* Concord

* Tenses

* Direct and Indirect Speech

* Active and Passive Voice

* Positive and Negative form and Questions

* Punctuation

* Comprehension skills

* Dictionary skills

* Complex and compound sentences

* Degrees of comparison

* Analysis of visual texts, such as cartoons

Further courses will also improve creative writing skills and develop insight into the reading of literature. Lectures are short and to the point, with informational graphics to highlight the key elements. Extra printable resources will be attached to supplement certain lessons.

Your course presenter, Susan Allin, is a qualified teacher, who graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 1981.  She majored in English, Psychology and History.  Since then, she has been teaching English, History and various other subjects at secondary schools across the country.

With the current pandemic threatening our school-going children, this course provides a stay-at-home option.

The lectures are short, visual and to the point, with extra printable notes, exercise and answer sheets provided. There is also a built-in facility that students can use to communicate with the tutor, via email or messaging.

Turn-around time for answering queries should not be more than 48 hours, considering time differences.

May this course be a stepping stone on the road to success for each new student who signs up!

English Language
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