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English Ladder-Complete Basic English course

A Systematic, Integrated and Extensive practice of Everyday English Language for ESL Students (Especially Arabs)
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Learn basic English for every day life.
They will improve their reading skill, enrich their vocabulary, improve their listening skill, learn communication and practice all of that.
They will learn to talk about certain topics that are frequently used by everyone of us.
Learn how to introduce people
Learn to talk about feelings, reactions, expressing danger during emergencies
Learn to talk about people's appearances, ability and color
Learn to talk about a person's daily routine
Learn to talk about cities
  • It is a complete course  for students studying English at Beginner level.

  • It provides students with systematic, integrated and extensive practice in the productive and receptive skills.

  • It helps students develop successful communication with others.

  • Traditional learning of vocabulary and grammar is balanced with practice in communicative language use.

  • Graded, structured material which facilitates learning is balanced with more authentic, unsimplified material which encourages language acquisition.

  • The course consists of more than five units, each unit ensures coverage of a core of common, useful language related to topics of general interest which students needs to be familiar.

  • Arab students will benefit from this course the most as it is provided with Arabic translation of the written texts and explanation.

  • Reading texts of this course are taken from Enterprise Course Book for Beginners- By Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley-Express Publishing.

  • Music: Kalimba  Artist: Mr. Scruff -Album: Ninja Tuna with Bonus Bait

English Ladder-Complete Basic English course
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