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Learn To Tell Jokes In English And Improve Your Speaking

Boost Your English Speaking, Have Fun And Make New Friends By Learning To Understand and Tell English Jokes
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Boost (boost = "push up") your confidence when people laugh at your English jokes.
Understand other people's jokes in English.
Make more friends because everybody likes funny people.
Speak, listen, read and write in English better.
Use a clever piece of technology on the Udemy website to help improve your listening (and you can use this technique on ANY Udemy course!).
Remember and use English vocabulary better.
Use your voice, body language, gestures and facial expressions to make your English more natural.
Use the storytelling skills you have learnt to make your own stories interesting and funny.
Avoid (avoid = "not have") problems because you will know what kind of jokes are OK and which are not OK.

This course is for students and teachers of English who want to improve their language skills, boost their confidence and have FUN! And if you feel your English studies have become too boring this is a great way to help you enjoy your lessons again.

The course explains the structure of the different types of English jokes and how they work.

The videos give a full explanation of all the vocabulary used in the jokes with the help of lots of pictures and text.

We practise telling jokes with the help of different materials including videos, downloadable PDFs and MP3 audio files.

For teachers of English this is a fantastic resource to help you make your own lessons more fun.

To go through all the material in the course will take you about 2 or 3 hours, but you should keep practising your joketelling for 15 minutes a day to get the most benefit from this course.

Learn To Tell Jokes In English And Improve Your Speaking
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