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English Interview Preparation Course

The complete training course for interviews in English
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Understand how to confidently respond to the most common interview questions

This course is the complete preparation guide for non-native english speakers, preparing for job interviews in English.

This course will show you how to answer the most common and difficult interview questions and give examples of top quality answers that will lead you to success. This course is the real deal! No cliche interview examples here. 

You will learn the language of interviews and understand how to use those common phrases and buzz words which are alien to you now.

This course is for you if;

-You want to sound natural, not like a foreigner

-Use the correct grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs and buzz words

-Confidently answer tough questions without sounding fake and rehearsed. No cliche interview answers in this course. 

Why should I use this course over another?

Apart from 8 years experience as a highly succesful Recruitment Consultant from Australia, I am also a iprofessional interview coach who has prepared people from many different industries and countries for job interviews in English. You are learning from someone who knows what they are talking about! 

English Interview Preparation Course
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