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English Indian Stories/Epics/Legends/Culture Heritage Course

Miscellaneous topics combo Indian Dance, health and fitness related course
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English basic lessons to speak and read, as well as understand and progress in listening comprehension
Pronounciation and vocabulary practice skills

Going online or being online all the time is the norm, leaving a burn out feeling or screen fatigue but you can get offline too using online connections to further your creative career pursuits.

It is surely not the time to impose strict screen time bans on kids too, instead why not explore your smartphones, apps and tablets and explore their potential as an educational resource and storehouse of quick reliable and infinite study material, available at at a few touches?

If you have some outside space, dig out the chalk and get creative.

They can draw the whole family, their teacher and class members, the planets, flowers or whatever else they fancy. Old newspapers up on the walls of a room will do, just as well.

Grow your own nursery or kitchen garden. Any space is enough even if, you’re growing it from a window sill.

Using colours and craft items, create a fun piece of art. Why not paint them afterwards too?

Are your kids getting bored and their non stop eating growing appetite driving you up the walls of your home?

Create a shop, featuring all their favourite grocery items and give your children a bit a day, to spend.

The kids get to brush up on their maths without realising it and you get to keep their snacking under control.

Organise a daily Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp call with your children’s friends or friend's and friend's friends etc too to expand on the group asking them to share on.

Each can do a class a day of their creative talent etc for the rest or other days just share ideas, discuss current topics of the day etc. 

Kids groups will love this too. Parents taking an active role or being in the backseat, as participants who can help out with bigger things.

Most children don’t like to chat on demand so perhaps arrange a fun activity they can all do together on the hang-out.

Using a piece of card, cut out the shape of an animal of their choice.

Once they’re done colouring it in, cut two holes near the bottom big enough for your child’s fingers.

Get all the kids nearby  involved with some daily exercise, creating a small community within a bigger one, as a cohesive unit that works to keep your creativity growing and helping others to explore their own too.

Reading up on epics of your country, legends, animal Kingdom, plant life, environment, science facts or breakthroughs and inventions or discoveries etc, while making a home project on it and engaging your local kids or youth teen etc community in it, serves as an online or offline educational as well as, entertainment useful hours spent in a truly well organised day.

Every place has its own unique culture. Identify yours and work on expanding your knowledge of it.

The course is based in this and attempts in a humble small way, to serve as an eyeopener to this.

English Indian Stories/Epics/Legends/Culture Heritage Course
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