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Grammar to Speak: Pre-intermediate

An efficient and quick method to learn how to use English grammar actively in your speaking
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Learn useful and important English grammar for speaking
Learn English grammar actively to use in speaking
Speak at the level of pre-intermediate (B1 level)

As a English teacher who has classes everyday and in every level, I can safely say that the majority of my students have the same problem: using the grammer to speak fluently.

Although most students know the structures and usage of different tenses and grammar areas, when it comes to using them in speaking they have difficulty.

That’s why I mainly focus on speaking in my English classes, but the idea of making a course improve English grammar in speaking has always been in my mind.

So I officially introduce to you: Grammar to Speak!

As it is obvious from the name, in this course I focus on English grammar in use and how to use it in real-life speaking and conversations.

Now you might have this question: How is it different from all the other grammar courses?

Answer: English speaking needs the English grammar and in this course I have connected these two elements to each other; by learning the basic and essential grammar structures you could start speaking correctly and like natives.

The structure of the course:

In each lecture we will have specific steps:

1- Sensitization: here we will go through a model in which I used the grammar in the right place so that you can first see it in action.

2- Explanation: here I will tell you all about the grammar points and how to use the structures.

3- Structure: here I will talk about the structure (positive, negative, etc) of the grammar.

4- Practice: in here we will have an exercise to practice using the grammar point.

5- Time to Speak: this is the golden step! In here we will have English speaking practice. You will use the ideas and grammar and practice using it in English speaking and conversations.

Now I’m not saying that ‘Grammar to Speak’ is the best online English speaking course, but I certainly used a new and efficient approach to help you speak correctly because by using this course you can learn the grammar for speaking.

This course is for elementary students who are aiming for a pre intermediate level of proficiency and you can learn some basic and standard English grammar rules with examples. This grammar course also has good grammar for beginners.

If you have always wanted to practice english speaking online this course can help you. In each lecture you will have to produce sentences and questions with the ideas and lessons you learn and in a way we can say Grammar to Speak is actually an online English speaking course in India, Japan, Turkey, and any other country that you might be from.


In the speaking part of all English exams you are required to talk about different topics. The questions might be about you or people in general. As a result if you want to succeed, you need to have English speaking practice and learn how to include advanced grammar in use when your giving answers.

Grammar to speak helps you to improve your English grammar and become precise and proficient in your English conversations. The speaking topics in this course are useful and common, so you can improve yourself in a short amount of time.

Grammar to Speak: Pre-intermediate
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