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EMEA Summit Recordings

This course contains a series of videos recorded during the 2019 EMEA Tech Summit in Copenhagen.
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Course description

This course contains a series of videos recorded during the 2019 EMEA Tech Summit in Copenhagen.

Intended audience

This course is intended for:      • Solution architects and developers      • Database administrators      • Business administrators      • Product managers      • Architects who work with AWS Cloud adoption


We recommend that attendees of this course have:      • Understanding of development concepts      • Understanding of a programing language      • Basic understanding of AWS services      • Understanding of the basic concepts of machine learning
     • Basic understanding of voice services      • Understanding of basic container concepts      • Understanding of basic concepts of cloud versus on-premises computing      • Basic understanding of migration      • Understanding of deep learning concepts      • Understanding of the enterprise model

Course outline

     • Build and Deploy Instagram-like Mobile Applications      • Amazon Polly: Turn Text into Life-like Speech Using Deep Learning      • Container Security: Amazon ECS vs. Amazon EKS      • Rapid Migration of Applications      • TensorFlow and PyTorch on Amazon SageMaker      • Innovation using AI/ML and Data in the Travel Industry      • Amazon DocumentDB Deep Dive & Best Practices      • Industrial Use Cases for IoT      • Enriching Content with Metadata on AWS: Modernization of Content Archives/Lakes/AIML      • Operating Models to Accelerate Enterprise Transformation

EMEA Summit Recordings
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