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Become a native in the ecosystem of embedded systems: C programming with AVR microcontroller tutorial

Get a solid theoretical and practical background in embedded systems and learn to master AVR microcontroller for your purposes
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You'll get confident with AVR Micro-controller architecture and how it practically works
C, AVR assembly programming & implement mixed language projects. Arguments and return values passing from a function to another, how memory & CPU registers are allocated during program execution. How hardware manages program stack and management of local & global variables.
GPIO Programming, 4x4 keypad interfacing & driver development
Build environment setup, GNU tools & utilities & build automation using GNU Make

Hi, and welcome to your decision-making minutes when you’re about to choose whether you want to study this embedded systems and AVR microcontroller programming course. If your goal is to get in-depth knowledge about AVR microcontroller programming and how it works, become competent in C, AVR assembly programming and implementing mixed-language projects, learn embedded systems GPIO programming and do even more, then you’re in the right place to start. This detailed course will help you learn embedded programming and guide you through all the above topics and more to boost your confidence in microcontroller based projects and embedded systems programming.

Why learn embedded systems – the multidisciplinary skill?

Embedded systems control loads of devices that are commonly used today anywhere from mobile phones to medical devices, to manufacturing equipment or farming tools. They are small, fast, and very powerful parts of our life. Roughly, 98% of all microprocessors are made to serve as embedded system components, so specialists of embedded programming are needed worldwide. The digital revolution, a few decades old now, is at a stage where we couldn’t live normally without embedded systems.

This embedded systems programming course is designed to help you achieve success in learning this technology. I begin each section with a clear outline of goals and content that you’re about to cover, and end them with quizzes and round-ups so that you have a clearer view of the essential information in each section. Such pedagogical approach is there to help you engrave the information deeper into your brain, provide you with chances to practice the theoretical knowledge and learn AVR microcontroller and embedded systems programming.

How is this course structured to help you learn new skills from scratch?

This course is intended to help you learn embedded systems from the ground up. You won’t be using libraries bundled with C compiler nor any default pre-built libraries from third parties. Instead, you’ll be implementing fresh functionalities in your fresh projects. You will practice with developing a board from basic electronic components, an interface with a PC through USB serial adaptor, and then set up the needed environment on your PC configuring microcontroller and the bootloader yourself!

To bring the development board up, you’ll need to learn to manage memory with C compiler, also microcontroller architecture, and cross-language programming. You’ll practice with executing instructions, and later on, you’ll be implementing pre-main functionalities. You’ll also have a whole section dealing with AVR microcontroller to help you get a solid background. The scope of this embedded systems course is even broader with the purpose to prepare you for dealing with embedded programming.

A perfect balance of theoretical concepts and programming exercises

In this embedded systems course, embedded programming will be explained in a simple and understandable manner. That’s why my teaching methods will guide you step-by-step so that you get hold of the programming logic and get ready to implement your own projects. Learning has to be fun and exciting, and students must see the practical value of all the lectures included, so I worked hard to guarantee those aspects in my course. Come, join, learn embedded programming and become a native in the ecosystem!

Become a native in the ecosystem of embedded systems: C programming with AVR microcontroller tutorial
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