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The Ultimate Email Marketing Online Course for Beginners

Find out how to build an email list and create a unique email marketing strategy for your business!
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How to build an email list from scratch in less than a day
How to build highly optimized and high-quality email marketing campaigns
How to build powerful relationships through email and make more sales
How to create opt-in and signup forms
How to create A/B split test campaigns with MailChimp

Can you believe it’s been over forty years since email marketing started? In 1978, Digital Equipment Corporation received $13 million worth of sales due to a single promotional email their employee sent to 400 of their users. Of course, such breathtaking results would not be now. The Internet has revolutionized the world, and each of us now gets a ton of advertising emails to our personal inboxes every day!

Email marketing can still be a great help to any business – however, you need to be able to plan and strategize. If you’re unsure of your qualifications, don’t worry: that is precisely what you will be learning in this email marketing online course.

Find out how to create a winning email marketing strategy!

Before you look into how to build an email list of potential customers, you need to think of a strategy. There are thousands of companies trying to attract the attention of the same target customers, and you have to do everything you can to stand out of the bunch.

In this email marketing online course, I will share the techniques of building a unique email marketing strategy that will grasp your customers’ attention, get them interested, and help you raise your profits! With the right plan, you can take your business to the next level – and this tutorial can be a perfect first step.

Get the basics down with this email marketing online course!

In 2+ hours, you will get a solid grasp of fundamental techniques and methods of email marketing. You will find out:

  • How to build an email list by attracting people with an offer they can’t refuse!
  • How to automate your emails so that the system sends them out when some particular event occurs (e.g., the customer buys your product).
  • How to create eye-catching subject lines, context, and body of the email.
  • How to personalize the email so that the user feels personal attention.

This email marketing online course might take less than two hours – however, the knowledge you gain can kickstart a career that will last for decades. Marketing has a lot to do with understanding customer psychology, and once you get it down, you can be unstoppable!

Email marketing tips that will save you time and money!

To simplify the process for beginners, I will explain how to use a specialized email marketing service. We will be using MailChimp – probably the most popular system in the world. It’s web-based, so there will be no need to download or install anything on your device. MailChimp allows you to design beautiful newsletters, share them on social media, use various integrated services, and monitor the results using a beginner-friendly interface.

With this email marketing online course, you will master every step of using MailChimp. I will share my personal best email marketing tips, as well as techniques to track your progress and analyze just how effective your email marketing strategy is.

Start now, improve the image and profit of your company tomorrow!

The Ultimate Email Marketing Online Course for Beginners
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