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Elixir Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Functional Programming

Learn the core of Elixir functional programming in just one hour. Expand your opportunities in this Elixir tutorial.
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You'll understand the concepts of functional programming
You'll learn to use the Elixir interactive shell
You'll build basic software in Elixir

If you’ve heard the advantages of functional programming and want to learn Elixir, join this tutorial to get started! This course is for beginner Elixir programmers, software developers, computer and data scientists. Learn Elixir – the functional and dynamic programming language that will help you create scalable and maintainable applications. Join this Elixir tutorial to learn from an experienced instructor. Get the best of my multiyear experience packed in one hour’s course!

Why is it worth to learn in an Elixir tutorial?

Elixir helps to run low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems. At the same time, it’s successfully used for web development and in the embedded software domain. Programmers value and recommend learning Elixir for many reasons. I’d say, the best things about Elixir functional programming are the following:

  • Elixir is scalable. The code runs in lightweight threads of execution, which are isolated, swapping the data through messages.
  • Fault tolerance. When things go wrong, Elixir’s supervisors describe how to restart parts of your system, returning to the known state which is guaranteed to work. Coping with failures is made easy.
  • Elixir code is short and maintainable, which can be written fast because of the functional programming coding style.
  • Out of the box, Elixir has a great set of tools that make development easy.
  • Erlang compatibility helps a lot in building distributed, fault-tolerant applications.
What’s inside this Elixir tutorial?

This course will help you to learn the basics of Elixir functional programming. I made the course material and the teaching approach quite simple so you can grasp the ideas immediately. There will be three main sections in this tutorial for learning Elixir from scratch. However, knowing other programming languages would be a significant advantage for quicker learning, although it’s not required.

  • In the opening Section 1, you’ll be guided step by step through the Elixir installation process. I’ll be sharing my screen all the way so you can easily follow. To make your life even more comfortable, there will be a downloadable file with all the essential tips. I didn't want you to get lost right from the beginning.
  • Section 2 will provide you with introductory information on interactive shells, input/output, atoms, and An. Functions. And then you’ll be ready to jump into the next section.
  • Section 3 will provide you with an autopsy of Elixir. You’ll learn the concepts and the necessary components of functional programming.
  • You’ll be able to use Elixir interactive shell.
  • You’ll practice building basic software using Elixir.
  • With the help of this Elixir tutorial, you’ll develop a different mindset for solving programming problems.
  • Achieve a broader spectrum of your goals

If you engrave the concepts of functional programming in your brain, you’ll gain new advantages over anyone who’s not familiar with them. In my career, I’ve developed projects with almost every programming language on Earth! These projects included Robotics, Web/Desktop/Mobile app development, Embedded Systems, Linux Security, etc. My advice for you is to never settle with what you already have. Keep working on building your skillset! Enroll in this Elixir tutorial, and let’s begin straight away!

Elixir Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Functional Programming
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