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EIGRP Tutorial: Learn EIGRP Configuration Commands and More

Move from EIGRP basics to advanced level in one EIGRP tutorial and prepare for CCNA or CCENT exams and real-world environment
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How to configure EIGRP for real world & for certification purposes
How to configure EIGRP
How to redistribute EIGRP into OSPF and into RIP

Welcome to this EIGRP tutorial full of comprehensive labs! Find anything and everything you need to move to an advanced level with EIGRP. Get ready to master EIGRP configurations for real-world and for certification purposes. This course will cover much more than EIGRP basics or how to configure EIGRP, and you’ll be pushed to practice a lot to drill down the knowledge which you’ll use in real-world tasks at hand. Those who are preparing to take the CCNA or CCENT, or ICND1/ICND2 certification exam will find this EIGRP tutorial extremely useful, so make up your mind and hop on. But before you scroll down to enroll, let’s have a closer look at the "EIGRP Explained" course content.

Why do you need this CISCO EIGRP tutorial?

EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) is an enhanced distance-vector protocol. It allows a router to use an autonomous system to share information it holds about the network and calculate the shortest path to a network. It reduces the workload that the router has to deal with as well as the volume of data which is being transmitted. Professionals value it for its fast convergence and because it’s easy to deploy. Many large enterprise networks use EIGRP.

When you want to learn about EIGRP configuration commands, two things are critical: 1) you must find a good teacher with lots of practical experience and ability to convey knowledge in a suitable way, which requires years of teaching experience; and 2) you must get ready to make your hands dirty, because it will require a lot of lab work for you to do until you’re in good terms with how to configure EIGRP. I’ve been in the field of network engineering for many years now, as well as in the teaching industry. I own a bunch of valuable certificates, such as CCNA, CCNP, Network+, Security+, MCP, A+, MCTS & MOS and many more. That’s a lot of abbreviations – some of them might be unknown to you so far – which proves my expertise and the effort that I’ve put into my career and this EIGRP tutorial.

What are you going to take from this EIGRP configuration course?

This course is divided into 3 main sections guiding you from EIGRP basics to more advanced concepts where you’ll redistribute EIGRP between different autonomous systems.

  • The first section is there to help you with configuration: starting with basics of configuring EIGRP, you’ll configure it for IPv6, and then you’ll use EIGRP to configure DUAL stack.
  • The second part deals with advanced EIGRP configuration commands, including load balancing with Variance command, manipulation bandwidth within EIGRP, and then how to configure it to use the wildcard mask.
  • In the final part, you’ll be sweating with the redistribution of EIGRP into OSPF and into RIP.
Brace yourself for some serious learning

Gain a solid understanding of EIGRP by having a chance to study CCNA and CCNP level material which you will apply in a real-world environment. It’s going to be lab EIGRP tutorial to make you feel confident when you configure EIGRP. Stick to it, enjoy, and practice. I hope you’ll enjoy the course.

EIGRP Tutorial: Learn EIGRP Configuration Commands and More
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