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Economic study for oil and gas investment by using Crystal Ball software

MonteCarlo simulation technique by using Crystal ball software from Oracle
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The student will know how to do economic study for oil and gas project
Know how to apply MonteCarlo simulation technique

This online course presents how to use MonteCarlo simulation technique by using Crystall Ball from Oracle under an excel sheet. This technique can be used in risk assessment in general.  The applied example for this simulation in this course is for oil and gas investment project to present the economic calculation and how to calculate the risk of the investment.

This is an example of a real project, and I present this online course on the economic factor and how we can obtain the risk for any project. This technique can be applied for any risk assessment as this simulation is a general technique. The business decision is based on this analysis as it is the core for any project feasibility study which is the first step for any project. 

This course presents an overview of business investment and economic, risk assessment tools by using MonteCarlo simulation, statistics, and probabilities methods with modern and advanced techniques to make the best decision.

This course is considered a guideline methodology of how to take decision of project investment. These tools, techniques, and tips of thinking are very important when starting your investment project for small scale or mega projects. This online course is one of a series of project management, in an easy way I try to mix between practical ways and theoretical background. As per this course, you can see the best methods of taking decisions with simple economic parameters and also we answer the complicated questions is how the multinational companies take decisions. 

Economic study for oil and gas investment by using Crystal Ball software
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