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Drupal Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Drupal From Scratch

Take this Drupal tutorial and learn how to make a website using Drupal
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Have you always wanted to create your own website? If you answer yes, I bet this isn’t the first tutorial you’ve looked into - there are thousands of courses, guides, and tutorials online teaching people how to create their own websites from scratch. This Drupal tutorial for beginners is different, though - here, you won’t only discover how to learn Drupal or learn how to create a Drupal website. You will also learn how to then take that website and transform it into an advanced, high-tier project with multiple features and functions. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first of all figure out what Drupal is, for those of you who still don’t know.

Drupal Tutorial - What is Drupal?

So, first things first - what is Drupal? Well, let me ask you - have you heard about WordPress? If so, you probably know that WordPress is one of the biggest and most popular (actually, probably the most popular) web hosting tool out there. Drupal is exactly the same - a web hosting tool. But why would anyone have the motivation to learn Drupal and choose to become a Drupal developer when there’s WordPress? The answer is actually pretty simple - Drupal is seen as the better alternative when it comes to handling complex projects. And this Drupal tutorial proves it.

One of the leading reasons why people learn Drupal (and why it’s as popular as it is in the first place) is that it is open source. This means that anyone can contribute to the platform’s well-being. Additionally, Drupal being open source means that you can easily adjust the parameters and features that you’d like the platform to possess. Another great thing about Drupal - it’s easy to use. People who want to learn how to use Drupal quickly notice that it’s very accepting of newcomers, even those who don’t necessarily possess any kind of technical skills when it comes to programming and web development.

Why This Drupal CMS Tutorial?

I’ve proven to you that Drupal is a great platform when it comes to creating and managing a website (especially long-term). But why should you pay for a Drupal for beginners tutorial that teaches you how to use it? Why can’t you just go to one of the free online tutorials and learn from there? A lot of those online Drupal tutorials for beginners lack one simple thing - order. There’s a pretty steep learning curve to become a Drupal developer - a Drupal course being disorganized and all over the place isn’t going to help smoothen that curve. However, in this Drupal tutorial for beginners, step by step you will find that the information is organized in a way that makes the learning experience a pleasant and seamless process.

Furthermore, we will be starting this Drupal CMS tutorial from the very beginning and moving up the scale at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you’re looking for a guide that would teach you how to use Drupal for beginners - this is it! You dictate the pace - no rushing or skimming through the important topics. So, what are you still waiting for? I’ll see you on the other side of this Drupal development tutorial!

Drupal Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Drupal From Scratch
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