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Easy to Follow Kubernetes & Docker Tutorial: Learn Development, Orchestration and More

Learn to containerize an application after finishing this Docker and Kubernetes course
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How to containerize an application by using Docker
Writing Dockerfiles, Kubernetes objects
Composing YAML files
Knowledge about using Docker and Kubernetes from Blackrock and Niantic case-studies
How to use Kubernetes with Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

There is a constant need that IT projects' launch would be fast, reliable, and the whole process wouldn't cost too much. Sounds insane? It's possible if you learn how to containerize an application. And this Docker tutorial is precisely for that: read further to learn more about Docker architecture and discover what you will get in this course.

How to Learn Docker and Kubernetes

In this course, you will get to know Docker (the most popular containerization platform) and Kubernetes (the most popular orchestrator). Why are we teaching about both of these containerization tools? We believe that to properly learn how to containerize an application; it is not enough to know only one or the other. That is why this Docker tutorial will show how to work with Kubernetes practically, as well.

Why should you take your time as you discover how to learn Docker and Kubernetes? There are two main reasons why Docker architecture helps developers and IT companies:

  • It allows developers to deliver applications faster into production, which means that developers become more productive, and you can deploy your applications more quickly.
  • It allows faster application distribution (to cloud or data centers), which means that your app updates can roll out everywhere at the same time. That also means that you can resolve issues faster, as well.

These two things mean that companies now have the opportunity to scale their IT projects faster and more reliably.

How does it do that? The main thing that Docker does is gives you a solution on how to containerize an application. This process allows splitting the software package into units for faster and safer development, shipment, and deployment. 

What can you expect from this Docker tutorial

We will start from the absolute basics, so you don't have to know anything about Docker and Kubernetes before you begin:

  • We will show you how to set everything up;
  • You will learn about Docker architecture, Dockerfiles, Docker images, containers, storage;
  • We will teach you about Docker CLI, Docker Networks and Volumes;
  • You will discover Docker Compose.

Once you learn Docker basics, you will get to know about Kubernetes. We will show you how to use it for orchestration. You will discover Kubernetes architecture (components, states, nodes, interactions), objects (pods, handlers, workloads, controllers, services, volumes), learn what orchestration operations are, how to solve such problematic areas as:

  • Making do with just one SSD node (and making sure it hosts containers explicitly demanding SSD) when you wanted to deploy four nodes;
  • Balancing between idle containers and supporting application traffic peaks without breakdowns;
  • Working with public cloud platforms.

This Docker tutorial features practical examples, as well:

  • Example of working with Nginx web server;
  • Example of working with custom server landing page;
  • Example of working with Stdout Logs;
  • Example of working with Wordpress blog with MySQL;
  • Example of working with Apache zookeeper;
  • A case study from Blackrock – an investment management corporation;
  • Case study Niantic – the creator of Ingress and Pokemon Go;
  • Lessons on Kubernetes as a service on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Millions of IT professionals are using Docker and Kubernetes today. And you can become one too! Enroll in this Docker tutorial, take your time as you discover how to learn Docker and Kubernetes, and get in-demand skills for your next IT project or job.

Easy to Follow Kubernetes & Docker Tutorial: Learn Development, Orchestration and More
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