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Your First Django Web App Project: Learning by Doing

A comprehensive hands-on Django course for any beginner wishing to create a Django project from start to finish
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How to use Django for the back end of a website
How to implement a full Models-Views-Templates structure for your site
How to design model managers
How to create context processors

For the last few decades, the Internet has become the ultimate source of information that we turn to in all kinds of situations. We check Goodreads for books, Skyscanner for flights, and so on. Not to mention Google and Wikipedia – for literally all types of stuff!

If you’re a fan of movies and TV series, there’s no doubt you have referred to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) countless times. But did you ever think you could build a website just like theirs? With this Django course presented to you by Mahmoud Ahmed, you can!

Harness the power of Python and build a Django web app!

Most developers will tell you frameworks are a gift from the gods. Why? Because they make working much easier than merely writing your code from scratch. With a framework, you can use blocks of pre-written code for your basic functions that require no customization. Therefore, you can work more efficiently and have more time left to polish the unique details.

According to HotFrameworks, Django is currently the most popular Python framework. Python itself has been experiencing an impressive rise during the last few years, which in turn also popularized Django further. As of now, there are almost 96 000 Django-based websites in the world – and the number keeps growing!

Create a Django project by following the best!

To build your own Django web app might be a challenge if you have never worked with the framework before. Fear no more – Mahmoud Ahmed is here to guide you through every step. He’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science and over six years of experience with the Python programming language.

In addition to that, he’s worked as a programming instructor for over three years now, continually updating his YouTube channel in his spare time. Both an expert in the field and a seasoned teacher – you couldn’t wish for someone better to teach you how to build Django web apps!

With Mahmoud Ahmed, you will go through basic and advanced topics, including but not limited to templates, filters, forms, models and their managers. To put it simply, you will get familiar with all the essential components of the framework that you need to create a Django web app.

Finish a Django course with a completed project for your portfolio!

We all know it’s boring to learn theory without getting a chance to get your hands dirty. The practice is what makes training engaging and truly useful. Knowing that, Mahmoud Ahmed has created a Django course that requires you to truly roll up your sleeves!

After you’re done with the tutorial, you will have a fully functioning Django app you’ve created from scratch. Following eighteen comprehensive video lessons, you will create a Django project that resembles the IMDB movie base.

Having one project completed from start to finish, you will feel much more confident to try to create any Django web app you can think of! The sky’s the limit – learn Django app development today!

Your First Django Web App Project: Learning by Doing
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