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Learn Python Django: Create an App for Web

Learn to work with different aspects of Django by building and deploying a fully-featured Python web application
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What are the fundamental concepts of Django
How to program in Python using Django
How to work with Django Admin interface
How to use Django to create apps for web

Python is considered to be one of the best choices when you’re looking for your first programming language. It’s got a simple syntax and is extremely readable. However, you can take things even further and use a powerful framework to make your work easier.

In this informative Django 2 tutorial, I will introduce you to a Python web framework called Django, explain how each of its functionalities works and how you can use Django to create apps. The beginner-friendly course consists of over fifty quality videos, as well as a useful slide reference to get you started as you learn Django. You will also receive handy notes that will help you go through every step of the Python Django tutorial. After completing the course, you will have a solid idea and confidence to build any web application you can imagine!

Why learn Django?

Django is a free and open-source Python framework, which allows the developer to create websites and applications both faster and easier. When using Django to create apps, you can reuse big sections of code, as well as use pluggable components, avoiding unnecessary repetition. Among other advantages of the framework are incredible speed, high security, and scalability.

To dive into the world of Django, we will first set up a development environment to work with the framework. Then I will explain how you can work with Django models, templates, views, static and media files. We will dedicate some time to Django Admin – an automatic interface that acts as a powerful and customizable internal management tool.

We will also go through implementing the CRUD functionalities (Create, Read, Update, and Delete), as well as the ability to sign up and log in as an existing user. These a bunch of other useful functionalities will help you understand how you can use Django to create apps for the web. Have you started thinking of original ideas yet?

Using Django to create an app

They always say practice makes perfect, right? Throughout my experience, I have always learned the most when I created something myself with using the knowledge I gained. You cannot claim to understand the way a program works before you roll up your sleeves, try to work with it, and actually succeed. That is the reason I made this Python Django tutorial project-based: you can learn Django and gain practical skills at the same time.

You should try something rather simple for your first project – just to make sure you got the fundamentals right. That’s why in this Django 2 tutorial, we will try to create a simple contact manager web application. After you’re done, I will also teach you to deploy the complete application on PythonAnywhere and push the finished code into GitHub.

Upon finishing the tutorial, you will be able to use Django to create any app you can think of – all you need is some creativity and a dash of confidence!

Learn Python Django: Create an App for Web
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