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Digital Strategy & Transformation for start-ups

This course will help you get started on your Digital Strategy and Transformation journey.
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What a digital strategy is
How to build a digital strategy
How to deliver a digital strategy
How to measure digital transformation

This course will help you get started on your Digital Strategy and Transformation journey. It addresses the key foundations of developing a digital strategy and sets you up to think like a digital strategist. 

It is designed to give a clear, simple introduction to how to design and deliver a Digital Strategy. 

Digital Strategy drives Digital Transformation, not Digital Technology.

This introductory course is for small to medium business owners and employees who need to transform their business digitally but are overwhelmed by the speed of technology change & choice in front of them.  You'll learn about how to successfully leverage digital technologies effectively and efficiently in order to better serve your customers and grow your market. 

We'll cover what Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation are, what the key elements of Digital strategy are, and how to assess what level of Digital Readiness your business is at by learning how to do a Digital Audit. 

Then we'll go through the process for creating a Digital Strategy, starting with your purpose and working through a lean and agile business planning approach suited for the fast-changing digital technology environment of today. We'll then see how to evaluate different types of suppliers of Digital Technologies before moving on to showing you how to manage the process of implementing a Digital Transformation.

Finally, we'll wrap up with a look at how to create and foster a culture of innovation in your business, essential for companies that need to remain responsive and agile to meet current customer needs and as well as develop new products and services.

By the end of this course, you'll have valuable skills that will help you create a Digital Strategy for your own business as well as understand how to implement Digital Transformation projects to integrate new technologies into your products, services, and operations.

You will:

  • Grasp the basic foundation of a Digital Strategy
  • Appreciate the difference between a Digital Strategy and Transformation
  • Understand the Strategic perspective
  • Explore key Digital Technologies
  • Learn steps to design a Digital Strategy
  • Key considerations for any digital initiative

Who this course is for:

  • Non-IT and Business Professionals who want to understand the nuances of developing Digital Strategies and start thinking like a Digital Strategist
  • Those who want a holistic understanding of Digital Strategy & Transformation

Digital Strategy & Transformation for start-ups
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