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Deep Learning Tutorial For Beginners: Image Classification with Keras

Build models with Python, TensorFlow, PyCharm, API & CIFAR-10. Learn machine learning, Neural Networks, & Convolutions with deep learning tutorial
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Learn to Use PyCharm, Run Python Files and Programs on the Interface
Learn to Use Machine Learning and Neural Networks with Examples
Understand the Principles of Python Programming
Learn to Identify Programming Mistakes
Understand the CIFAR-10 Image Recognition Dataset

Keras is a high-level API, which is aimed to build and train deep learning with Python. This tutorial is created by data scientist and app developer Nimish Narang, which already created more than 20 Mammoth Interactive courses - online tutorials about the web, app, and game development. Python deep learning tutorial is for you if you want to learn the concept of machine learning with practical tasks using Keras, Python, and PyCharm. Any person who understands that technologies shape the way of communication should enroll in this deep learning tutorial for beginners as well. Trust me, after completing this course, new possibilities will open up, as you’ll get a new set of skills on new technologies, which are the skills that many employers are looking for. So don’t wait up and enroll in this Python machine learning tutorial right away!

What requirements should be fulfilled to enroll in the deep learning tutorial?

If you’re afraid that you don’t have enough skills to enroll in this deep learning tutorial for beginners, there’s no need to be worried. This Python machine learning course requires no previous knowledge and is created for people who are motivated and interested in neural networks and deep learning. Note that if you’re already experienced using PyCharm and running Python programs on the interface, you’ll be able to skip this part of deep learning tutorial for beginners. This way you won’t have to repeat information you already know, including Python machine learning.  

We’ll show you how to get apps for this deep learning Python tutorial, so you won’t have to look for any additional information online. We’ll explain step-by-step how to get PyCharm, Python, Keras, and TensorFlow. So in one course, you will get a PyCharm tutorial for beginners, TensorFlow image classification tutorial and Keras neural network tutorial. Note that It doesn’t matter whether you use PC or Mac because deep learning with Python will work on both of them.

I will show you how to learn deep learning easily, just follow this tutorial.

What will you get from Keras deep learning tutorial?

Day-by-day you will gain a set of new skills. During day 2 you will learn the basic principles of deep learning with Python programming. On day 3 you will focus on neural networks and deep learning; day 4 is meant for you to understand Keras, API, and Syntax, also basic concept of TensorFlow, which is an open-source machine learning library for research and production; day 5 is dedicated to the exploration of CIFAR-10 dataset, which is an established computer-vision dataset used for object recognition. After it is complete, you will get to build your own image classification model from the beginning. Remember that even though this tutorial is divided into days, you can still learn everything at your own pace: faster or slower - whatever works better for you.

Therefore, after this TensorFlow, Keras, PyCharm basics tutorial, you will manage to use PyCharm and know how to run Python files and interface programs. Also, you will have an understanding of neural networks and deep learning - what it does and how it works with examples that will be presented. Furthermore, you will be able to adjust bad coding habits with Python machine learning. So, even if you’re a beginner, after completing this course, you will become data modeler. Don't miss your chance and enroll in this Kera neural network tutorial now!

Deep Learning Tutorial For Beginners: Image Classification with Keras
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