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DaVinci Resolve Tutorial for Beginners: Make Your Videos Look Stunning

Take one comprehensive DaVinci Resolve tutorial and learn to use DaVinci Resolve 16 to create and edit your videos
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How to edit your videos using DaVinci Resolve 16
How to add visual/audio effects, transitions, and titles
How to use the fusion tab to create 3D special effects and custom titles
How to upload your video directly to YouTube or Vimeo

This DaVinci Resolve tutorial is for beginners who want to quickly learn how to edit videos to make them look stunning by using Davinci Resolve. If you are not familiar with this amazing tool, I’m here to introduce you to it with my DaVinci Resolve editing tutorial. Davinci Resolve is a free video-editing program combining color correction, 8K editing, visual effects, and audio post-production. With a wide range of available features, it makes video editing more efficient and enables you to do more with one piece of software. So, if you’re looking for a tool to make professional-looking videos easily, I highly recommend you to learn how to use Davinci Resolve 16. Time to learn DaVinci Resolve basics!

What will you take away from this DaVinci Resolve tutorial?

This is a practice-oriented DaVinci Resolve editing tutorial where you will learn how to easily edit your videos using DaVinci Resolve. I’ll start from the basics and then show you more advanced tabs such as color, fusion, fairlight and what you can do with them. In this DaVinci Resolve tutorial, I’ll show and explain to you every single step I do in detail. Under my guidance, you’ll be able to use this video editor in no time. Needless to say, I’ll be using DaVinci Resolve 16 in this DaVinci Resolve beginner's guide. 

What you will learn in this DaVinci Resolve training:

  • How to use all the advantages of the media tab 
  • How to use the keyframe animation to zoom out, zoom in and others
  • How to add a title to your video
  • How to use the fusion tab to create or edit 3D compositions such as 3D titles
  • How to color grade your video and apply the specific look to it
  • How to use the fairlight tab to edit your videos
  • How to add dialog processor to your video to improve the sound of people speaking in your video
  • How to use the deliver tab to export your video properly
  • How to create a fire and smoke effects using the particle system
  • How to replace the background of a sky and change it to something fantastical
  • How to do a day to night conversion
  • How to change the color of the object inside the video
  • How to use noise reduction effects
  • How to record audio in DaVinci Resolve using a microphone
  • How to set up automatic dialog replacement
  • How to export and import timelines from one project into another 
  • How to upload your videos directly from DaVinci Resolve to YouTube or Vimeo

And all of these DaVince Resolve basics you will learn in only 3 hours. So get ready to work hard, and soon you will get a clear understanding of how to use DaVinci Resolve 16 with confidence. After completing this DaVinci Resolve training, you’ll be able to create high quality videos by yourself applying video and audio effects mentioned in the DaVinci Resolve beginner's tutorial. If you still hesitate, feel free to check the free course preview of this DaVinci Resolve tutorial. 

Take this DaVinci Resolve training and start creating beautiful videos

Learning DaVinci Resolve basics is not as hard as it looks from the first sight. Everyone who has basic computer skills can learn how to make a simple video. Are you ready to expand your knowledge of video editing, learn how to record audio in DaVinci Resolve? Take this DaVinci Resolve tutorial and start learning in no time!

DaVinci Resolve Tutorial for Beginners: Make Your Videos Look Stunning
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