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Data Science For Complete Beginners

Data Science For Complete Beginners, No prior knowledge is required, you will learn everything from the ground up.
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python programming Language
python modules for data science
data science algorithms
data cleaning
model planning and model building

This course is for complete beginners if you have never learned computer programming or you have a knowledge of computer programming but you also have an interest in data science then this would the best course for you. In this course, I teach data science from scratch to building a fully functional world project. The course is divided into four modules. In module one, I introduce you to a broad understanding of what data science entails, here I consider, what is data science, areas of application in data science, prerequisites for data which we cover in the course, data science jobs and salaries, data scientist life cycle and the major algorithms used in data science. I module 2, we consider the python programming language, which is the major language used in data science projects, here we look at python variables, python control structures, python strings, python data structures, python classes, and object, python operators, python function, and pythons files. In summary, we will cover every aspect of the python language that will enable you to be well equipped for handling data science projects. In module 3, we consider the major python packages that are used in data science projects, here we consider the NumPy package, the Pandas package, and the Matplotlib package. In module 4, which is also our last module, we dive into the most interesting part of this course and work on a real-world project. In this project, we create a model that will help us predict and analyze the world's happiness level. We employ the logistic regression algorithm and the linear regression algorithm to create a fully functional model. So, by the end of this course, not only would you have a broad understanding of what is data science, learn how to work with a python programming language, python packages for data science but also you will have a project to showcase in your portfolio and Github. 

Data Science For Complete Beginners
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