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Gain the power to create your own custom CRM system with Excel

Building a CRM system: how to build a custom CRM system with Excel and use included templates to reflect your company’s needs best, saving you lots of thousands of dollars along the way
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You'll learn to run queries
You'll study how to organize data
You'll draw conclusions from data analysis
You'll learn to manage data sets
You'll make your own CRM with Excel

If you want to take control of your sales pipeline and CRM (customer relationship management) without purchasing sophisticated systems that cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’ve come to the right course on custom CRM. Here, you’ll learn more about the power of Microsoft Excel for building a CRM system with more functionality than you can find in basic free CRM systems. I’m here to teach you the skills of the craft that I’ve been successful in with a proven track record. Plus, I’ve created nearly 90 online courses already, so I gained a lot of experience, and you’ll find it easy to follow my course structure.

Why should any company start with a custom CRM system?

Relationship with customers is at the core of any business. Revenues depend on the ability to build customer loyalty. CRM systems do the job of tracking the customers and automating workflows. The problem is that a ready-made CRM comes with many features which are expensive and overrated, not necessarily reflecting the needs of your company. That’s when a good idea is to start thinking about how to make your own CRM with Excel. You’ll be surprised how many thousands you can save and still build a system which is even more effective in your environment. And in this course, you’ll learn how to build your own CRM. If you’re not running a company, this is a valuable skill that you’ll develop, and you should be able to sell your services easily because of the reasons I’ve already mentioned.

Invest 1,5 hours in getting the skills to build your own CRM system

You can be a complete beginner with Excel to benefit from this course and end up building a custom CRM system on your own. Here’s what we’ll be working on in this course:

  • To learn how to create your own CRM, we’ll cover the basics of Excel (experienced users can skip that part), and then you’ll start with a blank workbook.
  • You’ll learn to build the data fields that you need to track (fully customizable to your needs).
  • You’ll create predefined lists to limit users’ choices for some of the fields.
  • When building a CRM, you’ll see how to enter customer data effectively and run filters on them.
  • You’ll practice creating pivot table reports that are important in summarizing large data.
  • You’ll learn to create dashboard reports with the key metrics (e.g., type of customers at different sales cycles).
  • You’ll be learning only the best business practice, and I’ll share the things that you shouldn’t do, as well.

And that’s just the rough frame of what you’ll learn in this course on custom CRM.

Take the chance to learn valuable skills

From a completely blank Excel workbook to a fully functional custom CRM template in next to no time! Gain the skills to become a valuable asset in your company that you work for, or lift your business to the next level with necessary knowledge in how to make your own CRM with Excel.
Let’s go ahead and get started!

Gain the power to create your own custom CRM system with Excel
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